The Ministry's Major Policy Thrusts

Resource Utilization

One of the major policy thrusts of the Nasarawa State Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment is to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Employment Opportunities

Creation of opportunities for active private sector participation in the economic development of the State, aimed at generating employment opportunities for our people.

Rural Industrialization

Stimulation of rural industrialization through the Cooperative approach and establishment of catalytic projects in the State 


The Ministry is made up of six (6) Departments, each headed by a Director answerable to the Permanent Secretary. There is an Internal Audit Unit, under the supervision of the Permanent Secretary. Each department performs various functions within the Ministry.

lndustries & lnvestment

Promotion of industrial and investment activities in the State.


Responsible for all functions related to the registration and management of cooperative societies.

Planning, Research and Statistics

Formulation of policy and planning for the Ministry


Co-coordination and promotion of commercial activities in the state.

Administration and Supplies

Processing of Staff documents in respect of annual leave, annual increment, promotion, disciplinary cases, e.t.c.

Finance and Accounts

Handling of  all financial matters
of the Ministry.


NGOs and CBOs

Start a fresh registration of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization ) or a CBO (Community Based Organizations ) or replace a lost certificate on this website.


Search for a cooperative society. See guidelines for the registration or the re-registration of a Cooperative society and start an online application.

Business Premises

Do you have a business premise? You can now register a business premise online. Renew certificate if your business premises is already registered.

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