Watch the video tutorial

Steps to register


Sign up or login to your dashboard

I. Click the e-portal button in the menu to sign up or login
II. Fill out the registration form as a first time user
III. Or login to your account if you have already registered

Generate Invoice for payment

I. From the sidebar on the left side of your dashboard, click Generate Invoice
II. Select the category from the dropdown.
III. Fill form to generate invoice
IV. Carefully select payment type while filling form and submit.

Make Payment for registration

I. Click the 'Proceed to payment' button
II. Choose your method off payment
III. To pay online, enter your invoice number and submit and a new tab will be opened for you to make payment
IV. Download receipt after successful payment

Begin registration

I. Click Proceed to Registration button
II. Fill out the application for for your category and submit
III. Your record would be saved


Upload Documents

I. Click the button to Upload documents
II. Upload signed document
III. Wait for admin approval


Registration successful

I. Once approved by admin, your registration is complete.